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Eskdale B&B


Old Brisbane houses are special. Like those built elsewhere in the northern half of Australia, they're raised above the ground on stumps. They have wooden walls and a corrugated iron roof, high ceilings, a verandah on the front for shade and a central hall to catch the breeze.

Come to Eskdale and discover what they're like for yourself.

Eskdale was built in 1907 and is typical of the style. It has most of its original features and was redecorated between 2010 and 2013.

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Guest bedrooms

There are 5 guest bedrooms, each decorated individually.

Rooms 1 to 4 are regular rooms, sharing the bathrooms. Single, double and twin accommodation is available. There are long-single beds, double, queen and king-size.

Room 5 has its own ensuite bathroom. It has a queen bed.

Each room has a desk and chair, wardrobe, and armchair. Each room has an electric fan in summer and an oil heater in winter.


The bathrooms are new, centrally located and airy. Both shower and bath are available.

Guest lounge

Sit down in the guest lounge to read, talk or watch television. There's a large supply of maps, timetables, and brochures on what to see and do in and around Brisbane.

Dining room

The dining room opens onto the deck. A continental or buffet breakfast is served and tea- and coffee-making facilities are always available.


The kitchen is available to all guests. There's a dedicated guest fridge and the cooking facilities are available for those who'd like to prepare a meal.


The veranda at the front has direct access to one of the bedrooms, and is available to all guests. Just sit and watch the world go by.


The deck at the back is a recent addition. Another place to sit. Watch the birds in the garden. Breakfast can be served here when the weather is fine and warm.


Most of the garden is new. A few bushes survive from the early years of the house, but most were planted since 1998. The plants are mainly Australian natives, particularly the subtropical varieties native to the Brisbane area.


There's parking for 2 guests' cars under the house. Most four-wheel-drives will fit underneath but taller vehicles like vans can be parked beside the house.


Guests are welcome to make use of the laundry. It is located under the house.

There's no smoking inside, but it may be permissible on the deck if it won't disturb other guests.

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